CIPP tube


Backed by over 40 years of expertise, MTC delivers exceptional product quality and affordability by focusing on first-class materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing. MTC also offers convenience. MTube® is available wet or dry in diameters from 6 inches to 96 inches, allowing customers to choose the best option for their unique rehabilitation needs.

Each step of the MTC manufacturing process uses the highest quality standards as benchmarks. Browse the links below to learn more.

MTC Products

MTube Integra®
iPlus® Glass for UV curing (Available only in Europe)

The Process

The process begins with the finest quality raw synthetic fibers which must pass stringent quality standards before being woven into tubes. Next, MTube® is run through a gamut of exacting quality checks such as weight, thickness, density and strength that help ensure consistency and thickness.

Quality is further woven into the MTC manufacturing process by:

  • Sewing the seams instead of flame joining
  • Heat-bonding the coating
  • Utilizing polypropylene coatings instead of polyurethane

Features and Benefits

Butt-sewn seams provide strength and produce a smooth, uniform pipe wall while the heat-bonded coating seals the stitching and provides an impermeable, watertight covering. MTube® then receives a polypropylene coating, which is thicker than standard coatings. This polypropylene layer provides a higher melt temperature and produces a lower coefficient of friction.

MTC's unique combination of sewn seams and the polypropylene coating makes MTube® more robust and less prone to rips or tears during the installation process. Each of these benefits underscores MTC’s commitment to provide superior quality CIPP tubing at affordable prices. There is a better option to decrease costs and enhance quality--MTC.